Our Products and Offerings

✓ Stock Market Research and Data Analysis

✓ Mutual Fund Investments (especially for MF/ETF fans)

✓ Technical learning courses (charts, data analysis etc)

✓ Fully Automated trading strategy on chart (100% machine trade)

✓ Complete client setup for algo trading (API , API bridge, API extension)

✓ Algo – Intraday (1-6 hrs), both delivery & FnO

✓ Algorithm/Quants Breakout or Breakdown Strategy (3 min up-to 15 min), delivery & FnO (higher profits in FnO), These are highly profitable trades due to AI generated signals.

✓ Algo – Positional only, preferably delivery. Futures also if required by  client (customized).

✓ Medium to Long term Investments/(Fundamental +Technical)

✓ Learn & Earn tutorials

Other Services:

✓ Retail Sales & Operations SOP creation

✓ Sales Building Techniques for Retail, Fashion Apparels, FMCG & Personal care products.

✓ Distribution & Dealership expansion.

✓ Mystery Shopper program for Improvement in services on Retail shop floor.

✓ Corporate Appraisals Training workshop/Do’s & Don’t

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